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Sega go berserk on Youtube copyright claims

I recently had my video taken down by someone with a Sega of Japan email address. In fact here’s a screenshot of someone else’s copyright notice for a better idea before we start:

Now you may be thinking to yourself that I was being a very naughty boy to have gotten a copyright notice from Sega, because to get such a thing was a very rare occurrence – or so I thought.

Anyway I began to do some research on this issue without actually ‘reviewing’ my video, and came across some discussions over at the Shining Force Central forums.

Further to this TotalBiscuit became involved – if you’re a fan of Shining on the Sega Saturn you will no doubt have come across TotalBiscuit’s/Totalhalibut’s awesome video coverage. Here were some of his tweets on the subject on November 20th 2012:

Now what was surprising was that Sega had been going about flagging ANY video related to the Shining Force series regardless of its content; whether it was a Let’s Play, Review or just video footage of one of the games, they were flagged and swiftly taken off by Youtube.

Upon noticing this, I went back over to my video and remembered (yes I forget what my videos are about most of the time) that my video was not only about Shining The Holy Ark, but that it had been a retrospective – or a review speaking retrospectively!! Now I have been a lifetime supporter of Sega and have written many an article praising their name (even getting into scraps at school defending their honor when they continued to cock up time and time again – thanks for that).

I think my affections for them will be coming to an end very soon if this isn’t resolved and the strike not only against mine, but other peoples’ channels are not removed.


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